Christmas online

You have a fifth or sixth year in English? You want to visit Father Christmas on the INTERNET with them?
You want them to send Christmas mail to Santa- and receive an authentic reply? No problem:

Here are some useful addresses on the web:


ENDLICH: Der deutsche Weihnachtsmann ist im Netz!: - Das deutsche Weihnachtslexikon


USA: (everything on Christmas) (another - new - site for e-mailing Santa ...) (Go straight to the North Pole and visit Santa) (another cold site ;-) (Where is Santa during Christmas? Norad tracks him!!) (Animated Christmas stories, send e-cards, find christmas recipes, play games and much more gifts.) (interested in new dishes for Christmas? Look here! And much more!) Another great Christmas LINKSITE

h Xmas in Cyberspace - a Christian perspective! An American Xmas site Another American Xmas site Christmas recipes and forum: puddings, desserts, cakes, starters, maincourse, turkey, sweets, etc. Colorful Christmas gifts' tale, e-cards, more xmas stories, holiday crafts and forum World's Largest Collection of Christmas graphics!

Great Britain: Xmas- how did it start? traditions & stories Another North-Pole site, this time from Scotland!

Australia: (Xmas in Australia!) (Another site from Australia)



Have a very Merry Christmas!